Nick Charlton

On the hunt for a designer

I’m on the hunt for a designer to work with me on a personal project of mine.

For the last twelve months, I’ve been slowly building out an app for tracking your finances and helping you use your money smarter. It’s currently web only but will eventually be iOS, too.

It’s now at the point where it’s working really well, but I’m coming up against a brick wall for various parts of the front-end when trying to implement some of the more interesting features. A good chunk of this is all about information presentation (think tables of data and graphs).

I’m currently looking again at the pattern library I’ve been putting together and looking for someone to work with me on the “Dashboard”. This will show such things as current account balances, safe to spend counts and so forth. My plan is to let someone go wild building out a couple of prototypes which will get me over the current design hurdle, whilst keeping the project small but still quite fun to work on.

Ideally, you’d be in the UK and interested in this as a product (basically so I can also give you an account). My budget is modest, but not non-existent.

If this is you, give me a shout. My email is in the footer!