Paul Miller on his return to the Internet

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Paul Miller writes about his return to the internet.

I don’t usually read tech news, but I have been following along Paul Miller’s departure from the internet. It’s interesting, like Miller, I like long form articles — especially writing them — and for a long time I’ve attempted to get through the mountain of books (plus plenty more awaiting purchase in my Amazon basket) that litter every flat surface around me.

But it never happens. I get caught up with everything else. The whole concept of “work-life balance” is alien to me and instead I attempt to balance a stack of plates many times my height. And when they fall (they always do — there’s always a sudden deadline) I succeed in only catching the stuff that’s closer to me — missing the long term bits I want to be working on.

Of course, I suspect I’d come to the same conclusion as Miller if I attempted something as drastic as this. The internet is where the people are, and I’d miss them.