Nick Charlton

Stuff I'm Working On & Learning

This morning, Rafe posted about the stuff he’d like to be learning. So, I thought that was a nice way to remind myself all the stuff I’m currently working on and the stuff I’m attempting to learn, in various states of completion:



So, yes. I like to keep myself busy. Some of this (the bat detection stuff, certainly) I do intend to document here (outside of textbooks, this kind of programming isn’t well written about). But most of that will come with time. Pester me if something is specifically interesting. Otherwise I assume it’s all easy to learn stuff.

  1. Whilst quadcopters are fantastically agile machines (they can be anywhere in a given space), they have no inherant stability. Just getting one to hover is the first challenge.
  2. I can recommend “Understanding Pure Mathematics” by Sadler and Thorning (which covers basic algebra, matrices and some calculus, etc.), which was kindly lent to me by a friend. But also Khan Academy.
  3. Holy shit. I’ve nearly finished my degree.