The Digital Peninsula's First Web Unconference

On Saturday I gave a quick talk about TermiSoc at the Unconference in the University. Frankie put together a great event, with a really good turn out, with more than 80 people showing up, from down in Cornwall, all the way up to Bristol.

It was my first time speaking in front of more than about ten people. And as I quipped on Twitter just after, “OH GOD, THATS A LOT OF PEOPLE”. I did however enjoy it enough that I would likely agree to do it again.

Afterwards a couple of people came up to ask me about the kinds of people in TermiSoc, and many more mentioned that they’d wanted to come to one of our Monday Workspace evenings.

As fluffy as it sounds, I hope that we can stay connected with the rest of the South West Web community, they’re all a great bunch.

The general complaint was that it just wasn’t long enough, which I totally understand, I would like to have talked to many more people.

The next event is apparently going to take place in Exeter, so see you all there!