Week Notes #17

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  • I’m now three weeks into having a standing desk and I’ve been doing a 50/50 split of sitting and standing ever since. The most interesting thing so far — and also one of the things I was very excited about — has been that I’m no longer so tired after work. I’ve been finding that standing keeps me going much longer (or, maybe, consistently?) which has always been something I’ve struggled with,
  • Another thing has been that I think I’ve split the past feeling of tiredness and hunger at the end of the day: I can stop working, go and do something else and then have dinner a bit later instead of needing to go eat right at the point I finish. It’s much nicer.
  • But I just had a week off where I did as little as possible apart from sorting out this and that, a spot of gardening and visiting my Mum for the first time eight months. It was particularly noticeable after a few stressful weeks!
  • In other news, I bought a NAS (network attached storage device). On the plan it was an investment, I got a Synology DS1520+ which will fit five drives (it is a little excessive!) plus the first 4TB HDD. I’ll be getting more drives over the next six months. More to write up here on my plans for it, but all the obvious stuff: backups, making some media accessible and a few utility VMs.