Week Notes #24

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  • I’ve started a new habit this year of tidying up my desk before I leave at the end of a Friday, now when I return on a Monday morning it’s nice and tidy and ready to go, it’s very nice!
  • I finished How To Do Nothing last week. It’s an excellent read and I’d definitely recommend it, but it is one of those books you might just have to read at least twice,
  • Then moved onto Louis Theroux’s Gotta Get Theroux This, plus the 99% Invisible City, both of which have been good,
  • I bottled the first beer I mentioned previously yesterday, so far spot on on the expected alcohol percentage so I’m excited to try this in two weeks’ time,
  • Otherwise, lots of writing (which takes ages) in the background, plus a bit of a site redesign I’ve been working on for a few months.