Week Notes #28

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  • I’ve spent the last few weekends doing a lot of woodworking. I set myself the goal this year of building much more for the garden and — mostly because of the weather, but also because everything takes far longer than you’d expect — I ended up finishing one of the three planters I’d wanted to build,
  • This first one (pictured below) is for cucumbers: it’s a box with a built-in trellis (which is thick twine) which they grow up. Now I’m writing this, they’ve all reached the top and are full of fruit!
  • Unfortunately for my plans for woodworking, the weather changed and it’s been raining for the past week. But that gave me an empty weekend to chill out …and make some time to ship a bunch of site changes I started a year ago,
  • Since this time last year, I’ve had a branch called redesign-2020 which I’ve repeatedly picked up and put back down again since. But in the spirit of designing in the open (and also, honestly, making sure I ship something), I tidied up the branch and just merged it. I’m going to keep fiddling with small bits from now on to keep it going. I have a long list of bits to fiddle with and improve and so these will happen gradually over time,
  • Plus, some long running blog posts have some more substance to them now. I’ll be finishing those up and posting them soon!
Cucumber planter with plants
Cucumber planter with plants