Nick Charlton

Where's Next? Now In the App Store.

After many, many months of development, my first iOS project is now in the App Store. It’s a utility app for sorting places into the most efficient way to get there, from the site:

Where’s Next? takes the places you need to visit and according to where you are now tells you the quickest way to visit them.

I’ve spent the last month or two slowly polishing off and fixing bugs on the project I started before the start of this year with the intent of learning iOS development.

I could have released (and “finished”) it a long time ago, but being a perfectionist, it had to be right before I submitted it. With it’s limited feature set, I now think it is ready for release. It’s said that you should be embarrassed with your 1.0 and I am. It only implements the core idea, but this means that there are many possibilities for the future.

With all projects, this wouldn’t have happened without those who I leaned on:

Thanks guys, you’re awesome.

You can you read more at the App’s website here. Or go directly to iTunes.

If you like it, please mention it to others, it’d be greatly appreciated!