Co-hosting Build Phase

I now co-host a podcast!

A few weeks ago, I agreed to take over co-hosting Build Phase, our podcast about mobile (mostly iOS) development. I’m joining Jack Nutting, who used to work with us in Stockholm.

Podcasting is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but without someone prompting me, I was going to keep avoiding it. Fortunately, Jack knows what he’s doing and helped make the first episode pretty painless. We’ll be releasing new episodes every other week from here on out.

In the first episode, I talk a little about my first day at thoughtbot (which was New Bamboo at the time … but not for very much longer), building Hypermedia APIs, managing client expectations, a bit about Swift evolution, and how we’re still having to deal with FTP.

You can find future episodes at, on Twitter as @buildphase, on iTunes or where-ever you like to listen to podcasts.