Final Year Project is Over

And so, my final year project was handed in. This marks the tail end of my degree — I’ve only got a poster to assemble, a demo to do and three exams left. It’s by far been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but certainly the most rewarding.

The work I undertook for my final year project was to investigate the use of Kalman filters for robot localisation and mapping. That wasn’t quite my initial plan, though. That was to build a Quadrotor, then write the code for the localisation and mapping, followed by running a series of tests to see how well it worked. Sadly, I ran out of time and got just past having ¾ of a Quadrotor prototype and a simple 2D simulator which just about demonstrates the thing I was attempting to.

But that’s fine as I did end up with doing quite a lot of working and learning a hell of a lot more than I could have expected.

I also have quite a few plans from where I intend to take the project — mostly the hardware and electronics side — and I’ll be slowly revealing the project as it is and then what I intend to do over time.

For the past few months this has been almost completely consuming. I look forward to finally coming up for some air at Maker Faire UK this weekend.