I forked QuickDialog

A couple of weeks ago, Eduardo Scoz (ESCOZ, Inc) released QuickDialog, a rather nice way of producing UITableView based dialog controls on iOS.

In my own projects, and some of those I’ve been working on at work, I’ve wanted to be able to use QuickDialog to make development faster. Unfortunately, it requires Automatic Reference Counting, and I usually work on the current stable version of iOS.

Whilst I do think ARC is a good thing, I wanted to use QuickDialog now. So, I forked it and adjusted it where needed to make it compile under iOS 4.3 and the Xcode 4.1 toolchain without errors.

It’s not completely tested and I don’t intend to closely track the original branch, nor actively maintain it once iOS 5 is released. But, it’s there and working if you want it.

Note: In the future, I intend to push changes back into the original QuickDialog (especially when I find I want different controls.)

You can get it over on GitHub.