iOS 7: Watershed Moment

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Gedeon Maheux talks about iOS 7 and new versions of apps:

“Taking full advantage of new APIs, designing new interactions and more can represent a healthy investment, time is money after all. At what point in the update process does a developer decide she needs to charge for it? How many users will be alienated by charging again? Will these users be offset by the huge influx of new people Apple brings to the table with the launch of the new OS?”

For me, iOS 7 is absolutely a watershed moment. All of the advantages of an all-new iOS release (marketing, new APIs, much improved personal experience) has thrust me into working on new versions of Where’s Next? and thinking about how the Predict the Sky app will turn out.

I’d be a fool not to want to run with the opportunity and release new versions — especially of Where’s Next? — and get a boost in the store and, looking at Craig Hockenberry’s recent post on App Updates for iOS 7 it doesn’t look like I’m alone.