Multiple Displays (and OpenGL)

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Something I’ve not seen anyone comment on is the reasoning behind why Apple have put off Multiple Displays — like the way Mavericks implements them — for so long.

My hunch is OpenGL. Apple has a custom implementation of OpenGL which extends well into the way in which Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are implemented. On the Mac and on iOS everything is OpenGL. Mavericks finally brings us OpenGL 4.1, thus bringing the Mac up to speed with both the Linux and Windows implementations.

I assume that this was part of the reason. I imagine Mavericks brings us a much improved graphics stack and that this significant change (which bought in OpenGL 4.1) is also the reason why Apple decided to make a big change to multiple display support.

Of course, all of this is because of the impending new Mac Pro — there’s little point shipping a cool GPU configuration if we’re still writing graphics code from 2009.

But, as Thomas Brand says:.

How long we have waited.


Regarding the new Mac Pro, I, like Guy English, can also see cool new applications of the hardware configuration.