New MacBook Pro

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Yesterday my new MacBook Pro arrived. It’s a 2.66Ghz model with a Matte screen. It really is wonderful. It’s certainly the fastest, and most custom machine I’ve had. Coupled with the Apple Student Discount, it does end up working affordable.

Last night I tested out the power of this machine. There’s various things which I couldn’t do which I now can. Today I took some photos (ones of the Matte screen are rather thin on the ground).


I can play Flash. Especially HD flash, I rather liked watching the HD shorts on Vimeo but this had to come to a halt a while back as I wasn’t able to use it. It got to the point where I couldn’t even use YouTube, so it’s quite a difference.

Last night I watched some iPlayer content in HD - the difference in it not stuttering is quite different.

Interestingly; Flash in Snow Leopard (could have also been before) is now a separate process. So Flash itself uses ~170% CPU, whilst Safari uses <10%.


Development should be faster. I was having lag of minutes at times using TextMate, especially as I typically develop server side using ExpanDrive to aid with using SFTP. This also meant quite a few things have fallen behind where I’d like them, or I haven’t put the effort in where I should. This really was a reflection of my main development environment rather than me, a pain, but now that bottleneck is gone.

So now, hopefully various things will be given a kick up the backside into getting started, finished or otherwise.

In Conclusion

All in all, everything is great. Things are slotting together ready for my move over to Plymouth for University. So if you’re around, pop me an email and visit!