New Project

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After a few weeks of work, this is “Version 4”, of my blog. I have a slightly different design, and a different focus which should represent changes in me.

I do have a like of redoing some aspect of this every 6 months. I think it’s a cross between me changing as a person, and my desire to have this as a reflection of that.

This is a little app written in Sinatra, utilising Markdown for the markup (handled by Maruku), backed up by MySQL. It’s hosted on Apache/Passenger at

The code is also on GitHub. Including most of the content.


  • Open Source the underlying “blogging engine”, as a project called “Sinba”.
  • Use it to dump notes as I work on projects.
  • Document a few things released, or nearing release.


Over the Summer I have (through my Dad) scored a two month Sysadmin Job at ADNEC, in Abu Dhabi. Around this time last year, I spent two days doing some work experience. Which, apart from being brilliant (there’s nowhere you can find a better mix of people than abroad) and educational, was very useful to me.

For the evenings, I have a few things rolled up my sleeve. As usual, there’s a lot of things I’d like to learn, from iPhone OS Programming, to some C stuff. But, mostly, I want to go into September with at least a few simple projects up my sleeve, and something bid nearly there.

Ready? Let’s Begin.