On to Mastodon

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I’m now using Mastodon:

Some time ago, I stopped contributing on Twitter as much as possible. I was still obsessively scrolling and using it to keep up with stuff going on, but I was finding people elsewhere, ideally through subscribing to people’s blogs via RSS. I limited myself to occasionally liking tweets (I’d always used this as bookmarking for later and the occasional DM for meeting up with people at events, too).

As Twitter seemed to be starting a terminal decline, I thought this was great, and I’d not bother trying to replace it with something else. Maybe finally I’d lose the thing I find myself obsessively scrolling every day.

But two weeks ago, I changed my mind. I always thought Mastodon was quite neat, but if not enough people I’m following on Twitter started to use it, it was always a bit moot. Over the last few weeks, this changed and lots of people started joining.

I feel strongly about retaining control over the things you produce. For example, this site uses Netlify. Still, I have control over the domain and moving it elsewhere is relatively trivial, if not just a little annoying if I have to in a hurry. But if I did, nothing significant would change for those visiting or reading many of the things I have written over the years. If I could run Mastodon myself, it was probably worth the effort if it was going to take off.

None of this was happening in isolation. With Heroku’s slow death and then the removal of their free plan, I was already migrating off the old and onto the new. Some of my projects have gone to Fly, but I have access to a bunch of Azure credits, and I was keen to try and spin up a Kubernetes cluster there as it’s been a long time since I tried to do that. Mastodon is a Rails app, after all, and I’m quite familiar with those.

I plan to write up a lot of the configuration (it did take me about two weeks to get to this point, fitting in bits here and there), but I make a lot of notes as I go along. But join me on Mastodon, maybe?