Site v4

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If you’re reading this, it means that I successfully rolled-out the fourth1 version of this site. It’s a small set of changes from before, but there is a new style which accompanies a simpler design.

On the design side, I wanted to deemphasize the latest set of posts (they’re not, and never have been time dependent) and instead have it as a short representation of me. Thus the blurb on the homepage. I also wanted to remove the dedicated pages of static content (About, Projects, etc) which sets up for having large amounts of text that doesn’t get updated (and, I suspect, people don’t really want to read through).

The project page does stay, but presented in a simpler manner and refreshed with more recent ones. But the experiment with having a “links” section has gone (those posts have been pushed into the posts).

On the implementation, I’ve chopped out SASS because it’s mostly unnecessary with so few styles and the amount of templates could also go down. But, I did have to implement a few changes to add support for HTML definition lists.

And so, the site is updated for another year.

  1. Sadly I’m not sure what the actual version should be, so I’m going with how long I’ve had a “modern” iteration of it. I’ve been reworking this every year for the past four and so this seemed to fit well.