Switching Season Report, 2013 Edition

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Alex Payne looks at the alternatives to his current setup and draws some conclusions.

In his article, he’s put words to things I’ve so far been unable to describe to people myself:

“the Galaxy S4 is uninspired but good”

“does not feel like a premium product. It is plasticky and sort of embarrassing to carry around, though its cheapness does lend it a sense of devil-may-care durability.”

And, then:

Let’s not even speak of the system fonts, ugly but ignorable on a phone and downright offensive on a tablet. No, while much improved from several years ago, one does not use Android in 2013 for its looks.

On Linux as a deskop:

“Trying to compute like a normal with Linux is, after all these years, still an exercise in masochism.”


I sometimes get to play around with Android devices (it’s interesting to see how they’re changing), and recently I acquired a ZTE One to have a look at Firefox OS. I’m intending to write a review about that soon.