Week Notes #10

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  • Double digits! I’ve written ten of these now. It’s gradually becoming a habit, especially once I’ve noted at least one thing down during the week,
  • This week I moved everything over to Drafts. Previously I was using Bear (which is a great app), and then sort of using both tools whilst I figured this out,
  • But the interesting bit isn’t the tool, it’s the habit formation: I write nearly everything first in Drafts before moving it elsewhere (be it Basecamp messages, GitHub issue replies or emails), keep notes on everything during the day and use it to write out my thoughts before saying them,
  • We’re now three weeks into full working from home because of COVID-19. I’m used to it now, even though I was struggling with the lack of my usual level of exercise and then not being able to sleep very well,
  • I join more remote calls from my desk now, so now I’m wondering how to make remote calls better, should I upgrade the video, or the audio, or both?
  • We started a new planning approach on Administrate by starting to use GitHub projects. The intention here is to highlight work-in-progress, which was previously hidden, and to set expectations for if something is soon likely to make it into a release,
  • I use Octobox for keeping on top of my GitHub notifications and for the first time in years, I got to inbox zero! For the last few months, I’d been hovering around 25 items much of the time, but was never able to get it any lower. As I write this it’s 3 things.