Week Notes #11

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  • A little while ago, thoughtbot added a new team lead role and I started that a week ago when we rolled that out into our London office. It’s exciting to start doing something a bit different formally,
  • Read The Coaching Habit; this was recommended to me by a friend a month or so back and it’s all about giving less advice and asking more questions. I ended up reading it on a sunny bank holiday afternoon in the garden and I’d recommend it,
  • Less successfully, I spent some time on a bit of a folly of trying to write a script to rebuild all gems; I have a lot of Rubies installed from jumping around different projects and I think Homebrew broke things by tidying up OpenSSL. The main problem I faced is the shell just hanging, which is next to impossible to debug. I ended up doing it all manually again and it took hours,
  • Over the long weekend, I solved an issue I’d opened way back in November 2018, which is my way of saying: yeah, I really do get around to things eventually,
  • One of the problems of long weekends is that open source notifications continue along: from a good state of being on top of them, as I write this I’m far behind where I’d like to be,
  • This past Sunday (19th Apr), I went for a cycle around what’s now a very empty London, through a 30km loop from Hyde Park, up to Paddington and back through Oxford St it’s very strange seeing areas which I’m used to being so busy just being devoid of people,