Week Notes #12

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  • Just after the last Week Notes post, I published a short one on configuring Jenkins’ email-ext plugin. Jenkins, as much as a challenge it is to work with, still works the best for running arbitrary jobs and I’ve been working on some infrastructure experiments again,
  • Ubuntu 20.04 came out too, and it has a new installer. This lead to some experiments with trying out the new automated installer method and eventually this post once I made it all work. I’m now tracking an issue on Packer, an issue on Chef’s bento project, and another one too, as we try and make the new installer work everywhere,
  • The feedback loop for debugging these things is possibly the worst I’ve ever worked on: the only way to test if a theory works is to go through much of the process repeatedly, which means waiting for 5-10 minutes every time. You end up reading a lot whilst you wait,
  • In more open source news, I’m trying out having Administrate “Office Hours” by allocating two hours every other Friday for people to set a time to come with an issue or pair on what I’m looking at. I’m starting this internally only for now, but eventually I’d like to expand this out to everyone. So, if you’re reading this, this is an invitation to ask!
  • With an injured leg for the past few weeks (caused by, I think, my old running shoes being overdue for replacement), I’ve been off running for a while now,
  • But, I’ve been cycling around an empty London instead, which is eerily fascinating.