Week Notes #13

  • I got a fun new toy this week: The new iPad Pro. I went for the bigger screen this time (I’ve had a few over the years and developed a few iPad apps for them) and also got the new keyboard which has a trackpad built in. The trackpad is curious, I still mostly tap the screen and don’t feel I’ve gotten much out of it yet (the cursor changing dynamically is a cool UI effect though). Having a good keyboard will change things more, I’m aiming to write some of the workflow adjustments when I get more used to it,
  • Part of this has been a plan to try and use my laptop less often, which has become more important during lockdown,
  • My friend Miles released Keep Touch, which prompts you on an interval you set to check in with those you love. We paired a little on some of the time calculations which was fun but also quite difficult to think about,
  • Planted out some seeds this weekend, a mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, chillis and peas. I did quite a lot last year which worked out to be far too much, so slimmed it down this year,
  • I made a point of making quite a few notes on what was difficult or just generally a pain to do. Watering was one of those, so I’m going to automate some of it to reduce the workload,
  • Open source activity — as seen through my GitHub notifications — is peaky, which I find continually curious. In the UK we had a long weekend over Easter and it’s taken me until this week to get through it all. But as we start this week it’s gotten all quiet. You’d expect activity of others to jump once mine does, but this isn’t all of it. I think it’d be an interesting thing to research.