Week Notes #15

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  • I haven’t written these for a few weeks as pretty much every week has become the same thing and then you realise it’s been quite a long time…
  • A few weekends ago, I had my first actual pint in a pub and it was a strange experience and not quite the full experience I’d hoped for. But it’s a start!
  • I’ve been out doing long-cycles again in the much nicer weather and I have new gravel tyres which should be much better on that sort of terrain that I’ve been getting into more so now,
  • I’ve also picked up a frame bag (something I wanted already for bike packing), but has now become a permanent fixture on the bike holding a spare tube, pump, battery, tools and some snacks,
  • I made a Drafts action to extract a selection from one Draft into another. I had a long list of 1-on-1 notes in one long draft, which was starting to be unmanageable, so I’ve now split them into lots of smaller drafts quite easily,
  • We started a new project with Makers Academy, having three people who recently graduated work on Administrate for a few months. It’s been going well so far,
  • Finally, after being unable to for the past three-months, I’m able to run again and that’s been such a significant one for me to miss.