Week Notes #16

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  • I made an example of using Pronto with standardrb that’ll run on GitHub Actions. It worked out to be one of those things which (mostly) just slotted together and worked, which was nice,
  • A warm cycle around London last week, which mostly reminded me how poorly thought through much of the cycle infrastructure is in certain boroughs: coming off a road into a “dual use” pedestrian/cycling area in a busy shopping area is a dreadful bit of street design,
  • Over the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with a mix of back and (eventually) shoulder pain which is part stress but also part my desk setup,
  • Step 1 was to replace the old IKEA chair I had (this is a good chair; just not for my needs) with one from the office: I now have an Aeron and this made a huge difference,
  • Step 2 was to get a standing desk — something I’ve wanted for years — and so I now have one of those (there’s a picture below),
  • After a long day, it does seem to have helped a lot. My big hope was to get to the end of it and not feel so tired and so far, that’s worked out!
Standing desk with monitor setup
Standing desk with monitor setup