Week Notes #18

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  • Unfortunately, as I write this, I have another — hopefully not so long lasting — running-related injury as I’ve pulled a muscle or perhaps sprained my right lower leg/ankle. Queue a day of hobbling around the house and cursing having stairs,
  • My recent injuries have been caused by a combination of things I’ve been gradually understanding over the past year: spending the last decade plus generally sitting has caused a hip imbalance (where the muscles at the front are much weaker), which leads to bad feet placement (pronation) which in turn can lead to various injuries (if you don’t have the right sort of support),
  • Ironically, standing with the new desk over the past month has likely contributed too!
  • tl;dr: I need new shoes and to work on improving my gait and strength again. This video has some really good background on it,
  • In other news, I moved my Weekly Review (this is something I’ve been meaning for months to write up) forward from Monday to Sunday. I find there’s enough going on that I just can’t get a good deep bit of reflection on Monday and so I’ve been skipping through far too quickly. I’m trying this now on a Sunday afternoon to see how this goes,
  • I’ve been continuing to setup the Synology I mentioned last week, mostly through moving data off ancient, disparate hard drives (including 2TB of old backups) into a folder structure I spent far too much time thinking through,
  • One of the motivations behind getting the Synology has been to decommission the Hetzner setup (which I’ve written about previously) I have and set something else up for experiments; this week a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X arrived which will be part of the network for that. The plan is broadly: move any experiments there locally and setup a tunnel to make it accessible.