Week Notes #2

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  • Started on a new project this week. I can’t tell you about it, other than I’ll be writing React. I’ve traditionally struggled to do enough for the knowledge to end up sticking, so I’m hoping this will help,
  • I completed my goals planning for the year. Every year I do this it gets easier, and this year I’m especially pleased with how specific and actionable they’ve ended up,
  • Two days into cycling to work ended up with a puncture on the way home. Turned out to likely be something I missed previously: I use Continental Gatorskins, which has a wire mesh and I think I ran over a pin back in December, and the mesh was exposed on the inside. I tidied that up, applied some gorilla tape as precaution and was back on the go. Let’s see how long it lasts this time!
  • I spent a bunch of time this week trying to improve my GitHub pull request reviewing workflow (I often do very minor edits to people’s contributions before merging to help get them over the line) and ended up instead blowing away someone’s changes. Not the most enjoyable thing to do on a Friday afternoon! I’ll write this all up once I eventually figure out the best workflow.
  • Finally, I got my main bike back (it’d been in storage at my parents’ since doing the London to Brighton last year), so long rides are an option again.