Week Notes #20

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  • A second week of doing my own stuff; much of the same but a relaxing way to spend a week as I get around to some things I’ve wanted to do for months,
  • I started off by spending a day doing some workflow improvements:
    • I switched from Magnet to Rectangle for macOS window management,
    • Started the move to kitty, with a hurdle around first removing base16 which I’d previously been using to handle colours. It worked really well, but now I’ve learned more about ANSI colours I’ve found I can do the bits I want manually …but I didn’t quite start on this yet,
  • More Tailwind this week, finishing up the menu for the side project I’ve been working on and then doing a little “accounts” view so there’s something to see once you’re logged in,
  • In implementing this accounts view (it’s a list of bank accounts a user has), I used this as the opportunity to try out ViewComponent. I found that it fit really nicely between being able to test drive a view and not write a heavyweight feature/system test with the added advantage of knowing that reusing components would be much easier in future,
  • I switched gears at the end of the week to pick up some maintenance of a project I started about four years ago for notifying you on library releases and I never launched. It’s kinda not necessary now as GitHub does have a native feature for it, but I’d wanted something to build on to track a few other things so I picked it back up. I got it working again (I’d broken the background jobs at some point), replaced Neat with CSS Grid and then came up a with a short list of things to do to actually launch it,
  • In my continuing discovery of Linux on the Desktop (with a barebones Debian and i3), I learned about UEFI SecureBoot and signed a kernel module, plus made both audio and the backlight keys work]. As I write this, I still can’t quite copy and paste how I’d like,
  • I always enjoy The Margins, a newsletter by Can Durak and Ranjan Roy, but this weeks’ on how to consume news was particularly good,
  • I’ve also been enjoying reading the Tailscale blog and this on how they traverse NAT was really interesting.