Week Notes #21

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  • Back to work last week and it was a good one: started off with helping out with a database migration (DigitalOcean’s managed database solution is pretty nice!) and then a new project starting with the second phase of a project that’s just Rails. It’s good to be back in the land of Rails, a place where I can comfortably test-drive new features in just a few hours and really focus about the product we’re delivering rather than the minutiae of the code,
  • I somehow ended up leaving a year (to the month!) in getting back to reading Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby, but I finished the final chapter this week. It’s good and well recommended,
  • After just short of two weeks using Rectangle, I’ve gotten used to it now and it’s working great. I generally use four quadrants: Slack, Drafts, Mail (although I only open this once in the morning), then often Chrome (which I use for work) on one half of the screen. Occasionally I’ve been using a two-thirds/one-third split with Chrome and Drafts for calls, as Jira can’t quite fit otherwise, my terminal session always fullscreen,
  • This weekend saw me tear down the greenhouse that I’ve had setup for the last two years; it was just a plastic tent and in the sun they don’t last forever. I ended up picking the last two aubergines and the last cucumber of the season,
  • Then frame three prints that I’ve been meaning to do for years: one a Guinness poster which came in a rotting frame and I finally replaced, an early-run of Cameron Moll’s Brooklyn Bridge letterpress print and finally a print of the design proof of the BR logo which came out of Wallace Henning’s work on the Corporate Identity Manual. It’s only taken me about 8 years to start doing this!