Week Notes #22

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  • It’s been the end of the first part of Review Season this week, a time where I spend an unreasonable amount of time staring blankly at a text editor trying to come up with anything to say. It’s that perfect combination of dreadfully difficult but also concerningly meaningful which leads me to deep writers block. vvvvroooommmmmmm the deadline goes, as it flies by …and then suddenly words happen and manic typing begins. Except this time, with one illusive answer to the question of what can x improve on? to leave me stuck once more,
  • Because just sitting at a blinking cursor never really helps once you’ve been doing it for several hours, I tried to beat the rain by cleaning my two bikes on Friday afternoon in preparation for servicing them. I got most of my way through until it started raining right towards the end and then hastily hurrying everything in after having been working under torchlight for about half a hour. But now, a new chain, new brakes and two shiny looking bikes all ready to go,
  • As another lockdown is due to start on Thursday, it was time to pick up new running shoes which, hopefully, will be the end of the bad series of injuries I’ve had this year,
  • Otherwise, that’s been just about it. Much of this week has been working down long issue lists and trying to review more Open Source PRs, slow but gradual progress!