Week Notes #26

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  • Quite a gap since I last wrote one of these; I recently rotated off a tough project which was taking up all of my time. But now I’m on something new and then had a lovely week off!
  • The Food Almanac via John that’s a collection of seasonal recipes and stories, which in turn lead to picking up An Everlasting Meal which I last tried in 2013 and didn’t really get on with, but was reminded of again because of Alicia Kennedy’s newsletter which I always look forward to reading. As I read it this second time, I’m realising I’ve (accidentally?) grown as a cook to do a lot of the topics covered, but I’m still learning a lot and I enjoy the little bits of recipes spread throughout,
  • I’ve been focused on wrapping up stuff I’d started, and a few workflow optimisations the past few weeks,
  • On my dotfiles, I’ve been to removing some dependencies which have been causing some extra complexity and also trying to make them more portable. This has meant removing base16, which I was using for colours and moving to something which relies more on the shell itself,
  • Plus I’ve been trying to finish a very long in progress blog post around my desk and workplace setup which I started last year,
  • I’ve also been planning out wood working projects for this year: replacing some table legs we use as a kitchen island, building several new planters. I’ve also been thinking a lot about building outside furniture, after being inspired by this Laura Kampf video. I don’t quite have the amount of tools though!