Week Notes #27

  • A long weekend which didn’t quite go to plan: a slow (but necessary) Saturday, followed by a bad start to some wood working projects (nothing that bad though!),
  • In the UK we had a public holiday and so this weekend was three days long. I usually like to use them for starting projects; in three days you can make some good progress. I’d planned to replace some table legs and build an indoor cucumber planter: a big box with a trellis built in for the plants to grow up,
  • But I didn’t get very far into the table legs. I’m bad at getting accurate cuts with a handsaw and so the initial cuts were close, but not good enough. I tried to sand the ends down but using a random orbital sander isn’t the right tool for it and so I had to give up. I did plan out the cucumber planter, but next weekend I’m going to build a jig for my (soon to arrive!) circular saw which I’m hoping will solve all my problems. I’ll report back,
  • A work though, a new project has me on batman duties (jumping around between team members helping things move through so lots of pairing, code review and testing). The intention is twofold: one to help me with burn out (although, this role has it’s own issues in that regard) and to help things move through faster. It’s hard to tell concretely how improved things have been, but the general feeling is positive,
  • Finally, I’m trying to stop my endless open tab addiction by starting to use Instapaper again. For a long time, I’ve opened a lot of browser tabs of articles during the week, which I’d usually not get through and so would build up and up. I’d found that Instapaper would become another inbox, but I’m thinking that by doing a quick weekly review should keep the list down somewhat. I’ll report back on how well it works!