Week Notes #29

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  • A busy couple of months or so, which so easily ends up breaking the habit of writing something regularly,
  • It’s mostly been work, my current project — which involves building lots of different bits of software and some hardware integration — has been fairly intense recently, but I’ve also been learning to drive (which I picked up again after a 10 year hiatus),
  • This has all lead to my previously delightfully minimalist one computer, one monitor and tidy desk setup to have another monitor, another computer and various bits of hardware spread everywhere (two receipt printers, three laptops with my own counted and an industrial Windows tablet). It’s been the most interesting and challenging thing I’ve ever worked on,
  • I’ve had more opportunities to write TypeScript, and most recently C# which is not something I’ve done since University. I’m a fan; especially when tied with Visual Studio,
  • The most noticeable thing is strongly typed languages when it comes to refactoring. The initial process of getting going might well be slower, but the middle of a project and onwards is so much easier,
  • I’ve also ended up reading a bunch of technical books lately: Domain Driven Design Distilled (I’d recommend it), Building Event-Driven Microservices (I’m about half way through, and using DDD to think about breaking up services through events seems to fit so nicely), and C# In Depth (although this was a bit too …in depth so far),
  • I’m extremely far behind in all of my open source notifications, partly through having much less time at thoughtbot whilst we try out a short Friday experiment, so if you’re waiting on something, sorry about that,
  • Finally, I got around to upgrading my Mac to Big Sur (a year after it was released) and thought sod-it and immediately jumped onto the Monterey beta with the RC. It’s been great so far, so 🤞