Week Notes #3

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  • New office, new cycle route for the first half of the week. This always throws out the routine for a little bit, but you get used to it soon enough,
  • With this project I’m trying out a new tactic: pairing by default. I’m starting from a position of not being confident in the technologies we’re using, so that’s helping me. Plus I’m trying to solve a problem I regularly have, which is to fall deeply into a specific problem at the expense of the overall goal. I’m hoping by instead asking, “shall we pair on this?” we ask “why shouldn’t we be pairing on this?”,
  • This week I really enjoyed Cadence by William Van Hecke, who previously worked on OmniFocus. It fits well into what I’ve been starting to do recently: focusing on building habits (something I see come up more often), thinking about the long-scale things I want to do and reviewing it regularly. But also: keeping loads of notes (mostly with Notion, some on paper), using the crappiest notebook I could get myself to like and staying no to things that don’t fit in the bigger plan,
  • Related to that, this week I planned out three bikepacking trips and a weekend to brew some beer (something which without planning is impossible to make happen), but also decided to not do another handful of things. It’s a weird feeling.
  • Tortoise did a good series on Trees; about planting, to capture CO2 and the science behind it. I’d recommend starting with Plant a Trillion Trees.
  • And related to that, this week I started (and then finished!) reading Getting Started in Your Own Wood. Owning a wood is one of those ideas that comes back to me every so often, did so again recently, and this time I decided to go a bit deeper into working out what that might be like. Still much, much more to look into.