Week Notes #30

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  • A New Year always brings a new set of optimism, plans and possibilities for me and this year is no different,
  • Last year was another rough one (who knew living through a pandemic would be extremely difficult, even if you never got sick), but we made it,
  • A lovely Christmas and New Year, then back where I was previously; trying to get my head around Windows, C# and a lot of receipt printer minutiae,
  • Later this year, I’m doing the Frontier 300, but I need to get my fitness well up from where it is currently so I got a turbo trainer, a Wahoo Kickr Snap which I started using this weekend, it’s excellent,
  • My plan is to use it through winter to get my cycling fitness back up to where it was, and then hopefully, way ahead of wherever I managed to get it to previously, probably through Zwift. My training plan starts tomorrow!
  • I note that this is the thirtieth one of these I’ve done (and with it being a new year) feels like a bit of a milestone. I enjoy writing these, even if I’ve skipped a lot recently, onwards!