Week Notes #31

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  • I’ve been jumping back into open source recently, plus doing a lot of technical writing for work,
  • I released v0.17.0 of Administrate the other week, which catches up on a whole load of contributions after nearly a year,
  • Next is going to be a big breaking change, as we remove a lot of dependencies (like datetime_picker_rails) and make the biggest change so far to how assets are handled. We’ll likely be removing Sass completely and moving to standard CSS, which I’m quite excited about, but the big news is that it’ll work much nicer with all of the Rails asset changes which have happened recently,
  • Technical writing is hard — I’ve been doing a bunch of it, and trying to distill down a lot of the way receipt printers work so that others’ can read one guide. I’m hoping this will turn into a series of blog posts, but that’s going to take much longer!
  • I enjoyed the latest Speedshop newsletter on different styles of open source contribution,
  • Finally, last week I went to see Wolf Alice. Standing in a crowd of people listening to music is great.