Week Notes #4

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I decided to skip last week’s. Nothing of interest happened, outside of the weekend which fits just as well here.

  • Spent last weekend with my Mum, which was lovely. We started off a batch of homemade wine, which was great fun,
  • Started using Drafts on inspiration from Luke. I’d previously been using Bear (which I’ve really liked), but I’ve been curious about Draft’s actions since starting these Week Notes and automating what steps there are (manually breaking out long lines with links is a tedious process),
  • I saw 1917 on Tuesday. It’s a fascinating movie. The single shot style really draws you in and puts you right there with how bleak the WW1 battlefield must have been. It’s been a while since a film has stuck with me for several days, too,
  • This weekend was spent in mid-Wales, cycling a loop from Brecon to Moel Prysgau bothy and then back to Brecon again. It was a very fun trip, starting off on the road, then some gravel forestry tracks towards the bothy. On the Sunday, we decided to go off-road and ended up fording four or five rivers working our way through. After that, we got back on the road to build up some momentum, eventually heading up through a very windy Sennybridge ranges on the way back to Brecon,
  • This trip was helpful in making me realise where the shortcomings of my cycling fitness are. I need to do some long rides to improve my endurance and some time doing some hill-training wouldn’t hurt either,
  • It also made me realise how bad it is if you don’t give it enough time to pack before leaving. I forgot a bunch of things (a mug, fork, etc.) and could’ve done with some spare shoes (my feet got very wet), which wouldn’t have been a problem if I’d been able to take my time,
  • Anyway, for various reasons that ended up being a very busy and hectic week. Let’s hope the next is easier…