Week Notes #6

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  • With Storm Ciara bringing wind gusts of up to 60mph, I ended up not cycling all week. There’s not much fun (and safe) cycling to be had in those sorts of wind speeds,
  • I spent a good chunk of time this week working on Appraisal, and I’m really happy about that. It’s been falling behind with everything since Bundler 2.0 was released, and my approach of ignoring it wasn’t going to last forever. I closed a bunch of PRs, opened a few more related to Ruby versions and accepting paths (which should speed up builds on Administrate),
  • For many months, I’ve been working on replacing our office internet and network and this week, because we’re also building a new meeting room it stepped up a gear into planning out what we should do. It’s quite fun doing this stuff again (I did this sort of thing early in my career). But perhaps I’ll think differently after rewiring a forty-two port patch panel,
  • All of this is in contrast to spending the main part of this week regularly stuck on what I’m supposed to be working on. Some parts through architectural complexity, some through people not being around and some from less-than-ideal prior planning. Here’s to hoping we can solve that next week.
  • I enjoyed reading about The Wall of Technical Debt this week. Unlike a lot of articles, it’s correct around what technical debt really is (a set of trade-offs) and (most importantly), has some nice suggestions around exposing the costs to everyone on the team,
  • And also Agile as Trauma and this associated Twitter thread, which talks about the position the Agile manifesto comes from and some of the drawbacks today. I’ve seen a lot of the points mentioned.