Week Notes #7

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  • Last week, I released a new version of administrate-field-nested_has_many,
  • These last two weeks have been interesting in that there’s been lots going on …and none of that I can publish. After doing this seven times, I’m pleased about how much I really do operate in the open,
  • Tailwind UI came out this week, I’ve been following along through the Art of Product podcast and spent some time playing around with it this weekend. I’m still on the fence with Tailwind. It’s a utility-first CSS framework and so to work with it you add classes to build up what you need. For prototyping this means you’ll write a lot of classes, but these can then be extracted out into components. I haven’t quite done enough with it yet, but I’m undeniably productive with it and so I’m holding back my old-school don’t-mix-content-with-presentation ethos,
  • Finally, I switched to Jetbrains Mono as my terminal font. Ligatures finally make error handling in Go and the awkward bits of JavaScript look nice!