Week Notes #9

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  • This was the first full week of working from home for me in years. I used to do this when I freelanced, which whilst a while ago often seems to help in surprising ways,
  • I am seeing meetings which were a mix of colocated and remote run better and gradually finding work becoming more asynchronous, which is all great to see. These are things that’ll make everything better in the long run, once the immediacy is over.
  • But, never before has writing “take care” in an email to a relative stranger actually meant something,
  • Because of COVID-19, The Focus on Time course opened up for free and I jumped right onto that. I’m finding I have more time now (no commute!), but I’d already not been using my time quite how I’d wanted. I’m not too far in yet, but it’s good so far!
  • Finally, I switched to using coc.nvim, which brings support for IntelliSense over from VS Code. I’d been struggling with “modern” JavaScript tooling anyway, but decided to take the leap. I’m pleased I didn’t need to configure much.